Rap battle 2014: Marcus Johns vs. Nash Grier

This is my favorite!!!!!!! Love


gets me everytime


Being an atheist is ok.
Being an atheist and shaming religion and spirituality as silly or not real is not ok.

Being a Christian is ok.
Being a homophobic, misogynistic, racist, or otherwise hateful person in the name of Christianity is not ok.

Being a reindeer is ok.
Bullying and excluding another reindeer because he has a shiny red nose is not ok.


Oh how I love his teeth.
Oh his hair,
how I love his hair.
His face is so perfect,
and I just want him in my bed to tonight.
Cameron Dallas,
he’s my boyfriend,
oh I love him so.
You can’t have him
cause he’s all my own,
it’s Cameron Dallas.

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life hack: get a tattoo. if the people at the job interview notice it and look concerned, laugh a little and explain “it’s just temporary.”  months later if your boss asks why you lied and said it was a temporary tattoo, stare off into the distance and whisper with a tremulous voice the poor excuse for truth your subconscious has been fighting for its entire insignificant existence: “everything is temporary.”